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Contractor Spotlight

Let's acknowledge the exceptional work of Boston's finest builders!

To showcase our successful collaborations with

contractors throughout Boston we are sharing

project highlights. These are

in-depth accounts of featured projects from start to finish, as well as photo galleries of our standout work.

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updates, and if you haven't

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In 4 distinct stages, we proudly provide a full metal package service including custom structural work and unique steel solutions for architectural elements, of which our partners oversee. Their commitment to quality and timely work, combined with our reliable performance, has resulted in decades of successful ventures. It is in this space that we work on a much broader scale than basic ornamental metal fabrications.

Project Highlights

Project Highlights

MF Reynolds.jpeg

M.F. Reynolds

FH Perry.png

F.H. Perry

Project Highlight:
Brownstone Renovation on Beacon Hill

M.F. Reynolds,

general contractor owned and operated by

David Dankens, is well regarded for their quality builders and craftsman. Their specialty in providing residential construction services makes them a perfect fit for this brownstone renovation at Chestnut St on Beacon Hill. 

M.F. Keane.jpeg

M.F. Keane




Justin Kelly

Payne Bouchier.png

Payne Bouchier

C2MG Builders.png




Project Highlight:
Coming Soon

Project Highlight:
Coming Soon

Project Highlight:
Coming Soon

Project Highlight:
Coming Soon

Project Highlight:
Coming Soon

Project Highlight:
Coming Soon

Project Highlight:
Coming Soon

4 stages to cotractor engagemnt

Our 4 Stage
Metal Package Service

Stage 1

Planning & Budgeting

Initial contact with our clients is all about understanding their vision and laying down the technical groundwork to ensure success.

This includes proper reviewal of contracts and schematics as well as communicating an estimated budget.

Copy of Vanderwarker dji_0010.webp

Stage 3

Project Support

In between structural updates and the delivery of our ornamental package we remain available as a consultant.


During this time we provide miscellaneous metal needs during ongoing renovations. 


Stage 2

Updating Building Structure

During the building's demolition phase we begin our installation of structural steel elements.


This process establishes the building's structure for proper renovation. 


Stage 4

Ornamental Ironwork

With the structure fully prepared we begin fabricating and delivering decorative metals that were conceived from the very beginning.

grill 4.jpeg

View the project highlights of our featured contractors!

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