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Our Services

For over 25 years Wovensteel has delivered high quality iron work throughout the Greater Boston Area. We excel at creative and high value products for contractors and private residences, as well as restorations of historical sites, structural work, and fire escape inspections and repairs. Wovensteel has the experience to bring your idea a from concept to a finished product. Whatever your vision may be, we have the resources to bring it to life. 

Customer Engagement


Understanding the initial concept puts the customer and Wovensteel on the same page.


Scope of Work

It is Paramount that the customer receives the work they are anticipating. Defining the Scope of work puts everyone on solid ground.



Wovensteel has the experience and artistic ingenuity to translate an initial concept into a buildable design.



It is the materials, from wrought iron to aluminum and from bronze to stainless steel, that have kept us engaged for 30 years. Their possibilities and their limitations intrigue us. Wovensteel can identify the appropriate material for any project.


Work Site

Over the many years, Wovensteel has worked on security sensitive sites including public parks, underground basements, high-rise roofs and much more. We understand the complexities of Integrating design with site conditions.



We work with a wide range of finishes. Knowing the protective qualities of each finish as well as its desired esthetic is a Wovensteel strength.


Cost & Schedule

Dedicating time to resolve each of the previous steps ensures a cost effective project and a reliable timeline and schedule.

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